Hello, My name is Colleen.
Welcome to Made Locally

My background is in Theatre nursing for the last 45 years and I have been creating and painting for about the same time. Being creative has always been relaxing for me. I am passionate about Australian made gifts. Have you ever been out shopping and just wanted to find something Australian made to send overseas? Not just Australian designed , not imported gifts but a genuine local creation. Are you tired of the quality of products in our stores especially in your local shopping centre? Well, I spent some time sourcing the gifts I wanted and thought this shouldn’t be so difficult to find Australian made in Australia but it was, so I opened a shop offering only Australian made. In just over a year, the store has 112 suppliers around Australia providing top quality craftwork. The shop is made up of quality gifts, gourmet foods and artwork

Sam the emu is my artwork and has become the store’s mascot. He has been put onto fabric, made into an apron and now has been sent to 15 countries.

I began filling the shop with crafts such as woodwork, jewellery, knitwear and then onto gourmet foods. The interest in the store has been amazing. Many people looking for an outlet for their talent. Many people pleased to have a choice to buy Australian and not have to wait for a weekend market to find it.

The store also has a classroom which has been set up to teach craft to our young and for many to maintain their skills. The gallery space in store allows local artwork to be exhibited . As you meander around the store and listen to music , you can’t help but enjoy the creativity and a sense of relaxation that browsing gives you. “Gifts created by Australians “ is the motto.

The Australian map in our logo says Australian made. If I opened a store in London, then the map would be changed to England. For all those frustrated travelers, how great would it be to go to the made locally store of the country you’re visiting and know that the gifts were all.