We’re Open!

Plenty of wonderful gifts available for your Xmas shopping. Come say Hi!

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Free membership!

Our passion is SAM...Supporting Australian Made. For the rest of the year we would like to offer free membership to new craft suppliers. We have limited space in our shop, so if you're interested to put your goods in on consignment...contact us soon. T & C apply. Colleen 0413392984 An all Australian made Gift shop

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Anyone for Seafood?

Love a Prawn Cocktail!

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For the newborn!

Gorgeous knitted Matinee jacket and matching Beanie.

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New Toys Arrived

Koala finger puppets and a few more new toys have arrived in the shop . Beautifully knitted or crocheted.

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Melbourne City Jigsaw

This is good fun! Quality made in Ballarat. 1000 pieces. Put your order in soon.

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Our 2020 vision!

Looking forward to a great year ahead. We have "All Sorts" of gifts in store and many events already planned beyond the shop. SEE you soon!!!!

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Give us a call!

We take lots of special requests to make various library bags, smocks and cushions. Contact the shop 0434397602

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Shop local

A reminder to shop in your local area to support the small businesses that offer top quality work.

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Scrabble tiles

A reminder that we have a selection of original and wood scrabble tiles for you to purchase for creating your family names or inspirational sayings as gifts.

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